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Tree Pots:

The smallest size hedge that we offer are our 3-year-old starter trees that stand 8”-15” high. We grow several varieties of trees in tall, square pots to encourage their roots to grow straight down and eliminate root circling. This method creates a dense, robust, root system so that the plants are landscape-ready and will establish quickly. The pots are 5 ½“H × 2 ⅞”W × 2 ⅞”W, with a volume of almost a quart (0.78 quart). The tree pots are priced for a single plant, or for packs of 10 or 36. They are also offered in bulk price for larger projects.

The varieties offered in tree pot size are excellent for hedging. The laurels have long, shiny evergreen leaves, are shade tolerant, deer and drought resistant, and have spikes of beautiful white flowers in the spring. The upright Hicks yew is a classic choice for a dense privacy hedge, or a small border. It is easily sheared and its olive green needles and red berries in the late summer and fall make it an attractive option. The arborvitaes we offer are beautiful trees with sprays of feathery, dark green foliage. There is a variety for every area of the country, and for low or tall hedges.